A1 Infrared Inspections strives to provide professional, user-friendly services in all applications of infrared imaging and analysis. Listed on this page are the services we currently offer. If you have a problem that you think infrared might help you solve, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help. Estimates and advice are always free and just a phone call or E-mail away.

Our 19 years of experience ensures we offer the best in infrared inspection and analysis of:
Our reports are customized to your individual needs and available in both hard-copy and digital formats as you require. We also include secure archiving and back-up of your reports at no additional cost.

If your company is considering purchasing or has purchased an infrared imager but lack the personnel trained to use it, let us use our 19 years of experience to help. We offer certified training of your employees and can set up an in-house program so you can get the best return on your imager investment.
If you already have a program in place, we can help you maximize its' efficiency and accuracy and minimize the cost.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to lower your energy bills or a maintenance manager trying to lower downtime, equipment repair costs and energy costs, A1 Infrared Inspections can help. Estimates are free, no job is too big…or too small.
There are a number of ways infrared imaging can help homeowners save time, money and effort maintaining and upgrading their home. Click here for more information on residential infrared services from A1 Infrared.